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Young Melbourne artist Kinai Wong has a taste for both gore and oriental food and she isn’t afraid to combine the two, despite how grim that might sound. Fresh to the scene, this raw talent won’t go unnoticed for long and we are pretty sure this is a name you’re going to see popping up quite a bit in your newsfeed.

Curating her first solo show, Wong will be showcasing 22 of her framed pieces, along with the sale of her Oriental Gore zine which features a larger collection of her work.

It’s not easy combining such grotesque depictions of chopped up bodies and sushi, and making it still (somehow) aesthetically pleasing. Yet, the fresh colour palette and clean drawing style do just that, and the young artist doesn’t mind flexing her boundless creativity—not to mention her particular skill for grossing you out and intriguing you, simultaneously.

Wong has been making art her whole life, but only just found her “style [in] June last year”, which she describes as “a mystic spiral of gore, human diversity, the ’90s, cannibalism, and food—with an Oriental touch”.

Don’t miss the gallery (and cheap beers) tomorrow, and in the meantime take a look at her Instagram page for her art and photography, as well as her Tumblr.

Kinai Wong—Oriental Gore exhibition

Opening Night
Wednesday March 9, 7pm
E55 Bar
55 Elizabeth Street

  • Words: Emma Arnold

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