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Ben Aitken — a name you should probably remember. The up-and-coming Melbourne-based artist is up for his second solo exhibition, ‘Sometimes I Feel Like Killing My Self(ies)’, at Rubicon ARI tomorrow. With big names behind him in the art world — like Archibald Prize winning Sam Leach and acclaimed art critic and writer Ashley Crawford (who will also be opening the exhibition), and not to mention winning the highly commended Black Swan prize for portraiture — Aitken is definitely one to keep an eye on. At just 23 years of age, the rising artist has managed to gain incredible traction with his portraiture, which captures his subjects both precisely and obscurely at the same time to create the defined and unique personal style he harnesses throughout all of his pieces.

Specialising in portraiture, Aitken aims to explore the notion of personal identity with a series of paintings including many self portraits. “An important topic and problem for debate is that these ‘selfie insights’ for our lives can depict a polar reality against our own internal idea of ourselves. The relationship between the identities created in the ‘selfie’ as a public image, and the identity that the individual sees them as, typically don’t correlate with each other.”

Sometimes I Feel Like Killing My Self(ies)

Wednesday, January 14
6 – 9 pm

Rubicon ARI
309 Queensberry Street, Melbourne, Victoria