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On thin ice: The North Face takes team of creatives to the Arctic to create beautiful art

“That’s how the world works, not everything lasts very long”

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Hawaiian artist Sean Yoro, a.k.a. HULA, is well known for his epic murals, painted directly on to structures (natural or otherwise) in the middle of bodies of water around the world. Thanks to The North Face, Sean embarked on his most ambitious project ever, with support from an equally talented team including acclaimed filmmakers Renan Ozturk and Taylor Rees. Together, the crew journeyed to the Arctic region of Nunavut, Canada, to pay tribute to the Inuit community in their fast-disappearing natural environment. Local Jesse Mike served as the inspiration, as a descendant of the region’s indigenous people and passionate community advocate. She not only helped to provide an honest depiction of life in the Arctic, but also was the model for Sean’s beautiful hero piece.

With crew filming the entire process, Sean, Renan, and the team, precariously camped out on unpredictable ice floats to plan and paint the epic mural of Jesse in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. Contending with tides and melting ice, the finished project is a true testament to the power of perseverance, hope, and fearlessness—all of which both the creative team and the Inuit people have in abundance.

Get inspired by this massive undertaking in the short film, What If You Fly, above.

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