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Posted by Louis Hanson

This what political dreams (or nightmares) are made of. Catalan artist Víctor Enrich has just released his latest project, entitled ‘Fort Knox’, depicting a fictional architecture design “dedicated to Trump’s isolationism”.

The gold painted mansion, adorned with the neon-lit ‘TRUMP’ trademark, is set in a desolate area. The barbed wire fences that surround ‘Fort Knox’ clearly allude to Trump’s views on immigrants, as well as the insinuation of a wall between the United States and Mexico. ‘Fort Knox’, in all its grandiose and bravado, appears lonely; surrounded, and almost consumed, by its self-isolation and the ominous skies. In this manner, what appears to be left is a mere fractured shell. Could this be symbolic of the US under Trump’s reign? Time will tell.

Check out the ‘Fort Knox’ images in the gallery above. While you’re there, check out Enrich’s previous previous work entitled ‘Phalus 2020’, a reconstruction of The White House post Trump’s 2020 presidency. For more info on Enrich, head on over to his website here. May Trump enjoy his solitude.

Weekly updates

Weekly updates