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Keith Haring’s work has become some of the most iconic art on walls (public and otherwise) in history and while many of us are familiar with his career, what happened before his fame is less common knowledge. Now, thanks to his sister Kay, and illustrator Robert Neubecker, Haring’s early life had been immortalised in a children’s book.

Titled Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing, the book answers the question Kay says she is always asked about her famous bro – “What was Keith like as a child?” As the title suggests, yung Keith was pretty much born with a pencil in his hand and took his penchant for illustration from his mum’s fridge to New York’s subway cars.

Published through Penguin’s youth division, the book serves as an inspirational story for budding young artists but would obviously look right at home on the shelf of any Keith Haring fan (so, probably you).

The book is available via Amazon and, yes, it ships to Australia. Check out a preview of some of the book’s pages in the gallery above.

Weekly updates

Weekly updates