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This stop motion video recaps offensive hand gestures from different countries

Watch this video before you give someone a thumbs-up in Greece

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Word of warning, DO NOT put the thumbs up in Thailand or Greece. It may seem like you’re giving a cabbie or hotel concierge some positive affirmation, but you’re likely to receive a punch in the snoot. The Brazilian, New York-based duo of photographer Laila Varaschin and designer Nei Valente have taken time out of their day to put together a stop-motion video of offensive gestures. Using an adjustable mannequin hand, Varaschin and Valente highlight the multitude of offensive hand gestures from around the world. The middle-finger is an obvious vice. However, the thumbs up, demon horns, and even the a-ok symbol are considered signs of a dog personality in certain countries. The video is simple but highly recommended for those travelling overseas, and who usually finish their sentence with ‘bro’ or ‘heaps sick, ay?’.

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