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They may come from different ends of the interface spectrum, but Harry Potter and Apple have more in common than you may think: they both ruthlessly captured the minds of a generation, created a cultural phenomenon in and of themselves, and had inspiring father figures whose lives ended tragically, leaving behind a state of chaos and uncertainty. But while the Rowling saga came to a close, Apple endures, albeit facing a barrage of continual criticism for its inability to meet previous levels of expectation.

Apple’s next big unveiling is only a matter of weeks away, and tech columnist Michael Andrew’s The Michael Report claims to have already obtained photos and illustrations from within the company itself of the events main attraction, the second-generation iPad Air.

The device is expected to debut October 16 along with the iPad Mini 3 and a new lineup of iMacs and OS X software. Here’s hoping it’s more riveting than the iWatch. (Or The Goblet of Fire.)