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Weekly updates

Whether you’re a fan of munchies, edibles, or you’re just searching for the perfect Christmas present, The Stoners Cookbook are about to have you covered. The long-running, online, culinary mecca recently submitted a proposal to crowdfunded publishing site, Inkshares (literature’s answer to Kickstarter) seeking $22,000 to print a 200+ page guide to the art of cooking with weed.

The ultimate coffee-table read has already achieved just shy of 70% of its target, with over 300 backers so far and 32 days still up their wizard sleeves.

“Hundreds of thousands of cannabis-based recipes have been shared on TheStonersCookbook.com since 2006. We reach 120 million people per month, and we’re often asked ‘Where do I get the real cookbook?’, or ‘Which recipes do you guys like?'” the Inkshare page says.

With hundreds of handpicked recipes, stunning photography, detailed extraction methods and plenty of scientific explanation, Herb, is the cookbook to end all cookbooks.

Donate, preorder and make Herb a reality on Inkshare.