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Future meets Giorgio Armani as worlds and egos collide

"He's the top designer in the world. I'm the top rapper in the world."

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Atlanta MC Future and Italian fashion monolith Giorgio Armani have hooked up in the latest issue of GQ which showcases the designer’s latest capsule collection with Bugatti.

You may think this whole thing is a match only Future himself could have predicted, but it looked like the two hit things off pretty nicely. Apparently the meeting was nerve-wracking for Future, with the Atlanta MC confessing he gets “nervous” being accepted by people like the fashion luminary himself.

“He’s the top designer in the world. I’m the top rapper in the world,” Future humbly said. “Some way my walk of life and his walk of life have connected.”

This all seems pretty ironic, seeing as the Atlanta rapper really hit the big time with a feature on a little joint by the name of ‘Bugatti’. But things often come full-circle and here we have an interesting example of when worlds collide, and egos from different generations have to stop, reach into the proverbial catacombs and uncover their modesty for a brief five-minute promotional piece.

That being said, Armani knows it’s “important to meet any icon in their field”. Future, on the other hand, had a realisation of a different kind.

“Some hits are going to come from this experience for sure,” he said. Welp, we’ll be keeping an ear out for those bangers.

Visit GQ’s official website to read the entire feature.

  • Words: Vincent Dwyer

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