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Weekly updates

Wouldn’t you be so much more motivated to complete that huge end-of-year report if your work was somehow more appetising? Like if, oh I don’t know, your keyboard was actually a big waffle covered in syrup and maybe ice cream and chocolate sauce? Okay, so if that were the case, you probably wouldn’t actually get any work done on account of stuffing your face with said waffle but life would be pretty bloody good nonetheless. And this could be your reality.

Cropping up as a design idea online a couple years ago, Chris Dimino has now put in the R&D to manufacturing The Keyboard Waffle Iron, which is currently accepting pledges on Kickstarter until Christmas Eve. Besides the novelty shape of it, it operates very much the same as other stove-top waffle irons, but will need your help to ensure it sees the light of day. Requiring $50,000 by Christmas day, it’s going to be a pretty steep ask, but we’re sure the keyboard warriors of the world will come together to make this one happen because you are what you eat, right?

Take a look at some of the details above and head to the Kickstarter campaign asap for more details and to give them all your money.

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