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Weekly updates

If you’ve taken a look at Shia LaBeouf’s Twitter feed lately, there’s been a whole lot of “sorry” going on but no actual apologies. I think it’s pretty clear now that he’s just taking the piss out of us all and it ain’t stopping any time soon. His latest act of brilliant arrogance comes in yet another plagiarized apology – well, apology for an apology. Basically, after he was ‘called out’ for plagiarising his initial apology to Daniel Cowes (from whom he lifted his short film from) he made another attempt at a sincere (we think) apology by saying it in skywriting.

This didn’t go down well with outspoken writer and Girls creator/actress Lena Dunham, who backhanded this tweet following the incident.

Which was enough for LeBeouf to put his best troll foot forward with an apology lifted directly from Dunham’s own Twitter timeline.


Plus a little appropriation of Gucci Mane thrown in for good measure, because who can forget his very own Twitter war with, well, pretty much everyone at the one time.

I’ve never really been a fan of Le Boofhead, even with all that Transformers cred, but I can appreciate a good deliberate shit-stir when I see one. You gotta admit, it’s kinda funny – very dicky – but definitely funny.