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Weekly updates

In sweet anticipation of this year’s Thrasher Magazine’ King Of The Road contest – the four teams have already been announced – comes this homage video to KOTR of yesteryear, 2003 and 2004 to be exact. A three minute video of mayhem, epic tricks, spanking, stacking, grinding, kickflips, broken boards, broken faces, a Thrasher coffin, tattoos, piggy-back drop ins and loads of making out to rebel punk music by Lantern and featuring Darrell Stanton, Tony Trujillo, Chris Cole, Jamie Thomas, Dan Drehobl, Daewon Song, Ryan Sheckler and Peter Ramondetta .

With previous goals such as make out with a girl five years your senior, best trick on a wacky board and get a Thrasher tattoo, anticipation is building and the countdown has begun till all is revealed for 2013.

Mica Nantes