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El-P is going to the woods to work on two albums

Looks like Run The Jewels 3 is going to drop sometime this year

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El-P recently shared a very promising snippet of what’s to come on the new Run The Jewels album, and today on Twitter has announced that he’s heading to the woods to work on two albums. “Today I retreat to the woods to commence production on 2 albums. If I get eaten by bears let the record show I was stoned and working.” Me too, buddy, me too.

It’s not unknown that the duo head out to a secluded house in Garrison, New York to do their production. Or at least try to. I distinctly remember watching them eat shrooms and fight about turkey, but their debut album came out of there eventually, El-P described the experience of creating their first album as “constant inebriation, consistent and potentially unhealthy marijuana intake, the occasional psychedelic journey, and we just rap our asses off.”

“The process of doing the album out here in the middle of nowhere is strange,” Killer Mike added. “There’s no sex clubs and drugs and violence, and it’s pretty peaceful and serene. And that’s kind of not what Run The Jewels is about.”

We hope to hear Run The Jewels 3 sometime soon, and the second album mentioned by El-P in the tweet has surely piqued our interest.

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