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New music from JessB, Maina Doe, MALI JO$E, Zion Garcia and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week for July 5, 2024. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.

01. JessB - Power ft. Sampa The Great, Sister Nancy

Power’ is a pulsating anthem. Distorted acid bass bellows, percussion rattles, and both JessB and Sampa The Great pop off in fierce frenzies of lyricism. A very rare appearance from Jamaican dancehall OG Sister Nancy on here too which was a welcome surprise. It serves as the opener on JessB’s new album Feels Like Home, which you can stream now.


MALI JO$E answers God’s call by doing what he does best: sliding over a beat. Eerie strings howl to the tempo of some bombarding trap drums. Mali’s cadence sounds effortless as blasts off bar after bar. It’s a banger.

03. Maina Doe - Don't Worry About Me

‘Don’t Worry About Me’ balances snappy drum patterns and icy synths to create the atmosphere of a sweaty nightclub dancefloor in the middle of Winter. Maina Doe’s impassioned voice floats throughout, delicately ascending in every passage. It’s an immediate highlight off her new EP ODIWAMS, which you can stream now.

04. Goobsy - Demolition Man

His name isn’t John, but Goobsy kicks into the mix on ‘Demolition Man’ like a Spartan. Kirby’s dusty boom-bap production packs a punch reminiscent of Rocky’s overhand right. Goobsy’s whirlwind of wordplay slices like Snipes in Blade. There’s no Simon in sight, but this duo rises to the occasion like a Phoenix.

05. Zion Garcia - Film Star Prelude

‘Film Star Prelude’ is an action movie marathon. Each section stars Sydney’s Zion Garcia as the protagonist, wielding the wrath of his pen like a polearm. He strikes his way through a dusty sample shootout. The track then transitions into a smooth cruise of swirling keys, as if Zion is Aston Martin bound on a voyage in a James Bond movie. This is bars in the form of a big-budget blockbuster.

06. Jerome Farah - Can't Drive Stick

Jerome Farah has his foot on the pedal on his new song, speeding through winding samples and some harsh, grimy conditions. His voice is animated and energetic, letting off wailing raps as if his pen were propelled by a V8 engine. Jerome Farah may not be able to drive a stick, but he could write a manual on how to make a banger.

07. Tahkoe - Problems Freestyle

Takhoe’s ‘Problems Freestyle’ is an onslaught of vehement venting. He’s cycling through all the trials and tribulations of life, harnessing honesty in every croak of his cadence. This takes place atop some intricate production from emjaysoul that combines the classic sounds of a soul samples, with the twang of retro synths you might hear on a Super Nintendo game.


There’s an otherworldy atmosphere that makes this new Agung Mango cut stand out. He raps about becoming a phantom and drifting through the world as an empty canvas. He dissects the hardships of being human, traversing his vulnerabilities via the whisper-like raps of his spirit state. The song drifts in the soft breeze of somber guitars before building into a gargantuan explosion of post-punk. It’s a thought-provoking piece of poetry, with something new to decipher every listen.

09. thatboykwame - 4THOFJULY

thatboykwame’s ‘4THOFJULY’ is a celebration of futuristic swagger. The production pulsates in a cyberpunk-like manner, with siren-like synths and 808 morters firing through the mix like a plasma gun. thatboykwame is more than comfortable in this atmosphere, surfing every noisy screech with truly wavy flows. It appears on his new album anXXXiety attackkk!, which you can stream now.

010. Claz - Crashed Out

Claz wrote and recorded ‘Crashed Out’ a day after he was in a car accident. The stress of the situation sent him to the booth, where he transformed this tribulation into a tirade of motivated raps. You can hear a new layer of grit in his voice as he glides on the soulful production, taking the time to self analyse, and talk his shit. It appears on the Adelaide rapper’s new album Arrive Alive, which you can stream now.