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New music from Doja Cat, Mike Dimes, Srirachi, Juwan and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Doja Cat - Attention

Doja Cat has proven time and time again that she is far from a one-trick pony, and her new release, ‘Attention’, is a testament to that. Hitting back at the critics and doubters, Doja raps about her public image, and the scrutiny she’s faced over the years being in the public eye. She does this over an eerie backdrop of haunting guitar melodies, harmonies and glistening keys that create a dichotomy between the song’s content and its overall sound. Though there has been a back and forth about what sound Doja’s will tackle next, we are comfortably and firmly seated regardless.

02. Juwan - Mr. If I Don't Got It (I'll Get It)

When Sydney’s best-kept secret and the Don Dada of the Gold Coast link up, you know you’re in for a track that’s equal parts hearty, and hard. Sollyy, and Juwan join forces on ‘Mr. If I Don’t Got It (I’ll Get It)’, which sees Juwan go off in between Spongebob and Disney Channel references, reflecting on the grind and hustle he’s been on from young. It’s another undoubtedly hectic collaboration between the GC artist and Sydney’s own Sollyy, that marks a very special time in our homegrown music scene.

03. Kuda - Melanin ft. lxrdmc, DSP

On ‘MELANIN’, Kuda blends eerie synths and snappy snares that lurk in the background of lxrdmc and DSP’s raps. Lyrically, the track is a celebration of self, as each artist flexes their success despite attempted strife from naysayers. It’s a meeting of bounce and self-belief that culminates in a banger.

04. Mike Dimes – Arsenal ft. Denzel Curry

Mike Dimes continues to prove himself as an undeniable prospect on ‘ARSENAL’. He effortlessly flows atop blistering 808s, soothsaying the many moshpits that will erupt when this one drops at live shows. Denzel Curry drops in for a quick verse here, traversing the chaos of the production with his signature triplet flows. It’s a highlight off of Dimes’ new project TEXAS BOY, which you can stream now.

05. Srirachi - Yappa Yappa

The fiery and effervescent Srirachi tells you to stop talking and start listening on ‘YAPPA YAPPA’. We advise you to strap in as she talks her shit across a multitude of house, EDM and hip-hop inspired sounds. It’s a booming club anthem that hits the nail on the head in every way possible. If Srirachi isn’t already on your radar, she’s about to be now.

06. Zino Vinci - Filth

‘Filth’ serves as the perfect introduction to East London’s Zinco Vinci. The production of Cole Yours Truly is mellow and understated, with warm basslines and quick-hitting flurries of a Dizzee Rascal sample. This laid-back approach allows Zinco the room to showcase the versatility of his seamless switches between introspective rap passages and catchy melodies.

07. Kristelle - SIYA VIA ft. Temgazi

Sydney’s Kristelle curates driving drum patterns and infectious synths on Amapiano cut ‘SIYA VIYA’. The DJ and producer slowly builds an atmospheric bounce throughout the track, creating room for vocalist Temgazi to deliver unabashed flourishes of flow. It’s one that’s bound to catch on in the clubs.

08. Killer Mike - SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS ft. Future, Andre 3000, Eryn Allen Kane

‘SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS’ feels like a celebration of Atlanta’s impact on music. You have Andre 3000 right out the gate reminding us why he’s one of the GOATs. You have Future bringing the woozy croons that made him a modern legend. You have Killer Mike rapping his ass off, pairing his intellectual bars with a passionate intent in his cadence. Erryn Allen Kane may be from Detroit, but her background warbles soar with the soul of the south. This track is an instant highlight in this week’s releases, and an instant high point on Killer Mike’s new album MICHAEL, which you can stream now.

09. Victoria Monet - On My Mama

Victoria Monet’s ‘On My Mama’ is filled with confidence. She’s in a bag of braggadocio, flowing like a top tier rapper but teeing off with raspy melodies to the tune of brass horn hits and some heavy sub-bass. It also has a poignant sample of Chalie Boy’s ‘I Look Good’, resulting in a track that’s undeniably triumphant.

010. KILL Carter - No Persona

Melbourne’s KILL Carter is bound to conjure circle pits with ‘No Persona’. The 808s are blasting, the synths are reminiscent of sirens, and the rapper is shouting through his verses serving as a harbinger of hype. A beat switch halfway through the track prompts Carter to further his barrage with faster flows. impassioned proclamations and some beautiful pandemonium.