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In a matter of weeks, we’ve seen one of the most promising music streaming service peak briefly before plummeting violently towards irrelevancy. Yep, we’re talking about Tidal suffering major setbacks in its quest to revolutionise the way we consume music with its “artist first” mission statement and promise of irresistible exclusives. After shedding over 25 employees as well as the resignation of former CEO Andy Chen, Jay-Z has taken to Twitter to reassure the people that, despite it’s shaky start, the future is looking promising for Tidal.

In a series of tweets with the accompanying hashtag #TidalFacts, Hov went on to emphasise Tidal’s purpose, how the ‘iTunes Store wasn’t built in a day’ and how ‘it took Spotify 9 years to be successful’, and further alluded the fact that Tidal is pro-artist, with two thirds of the royalties given back to the artist. What he’s really asking for though is a fair chance and for the critics to get off his back while Tidal is finding it’s feet. However, even that request for clemency is being answered with mockery – Twitter account TIDAL Facts popped up mere moments after Jay-Z began his stream of consciousness statement.

On a positive note for subscribers to the Service, Jack White has announced that he will stream the final concert of his mini-tour live and exclusive via Tidal’s streaming service to those holding a subscription. It will be the last opportunity to catch him live before he takes a much needed hiatus, arguably making it the most lucrative piece of exclusive content on the service right now. At least until that new Jay-Z/Beyoncé album drops.

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