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A quick playlist curated by some of our favourite creative people — this edition features co-founder of Melbourne record label 66 Records artist, JNelly

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This week’s Sound Guide is brought to you by one of the co-founders of Melbourne’s 66 Records, Australia’s first African-owned hip-hop label . Home to acts like Babyface Mal, Lil Jaye, Lio Jewell, and more, 66 Records have been at the forefront of the changing sound of rap in Australia in recent years. In his Sound Guide, the often behind-the-scenes JNelly comes strapped with an array of hi-energy rap from around the US from the last few years, from trap staples like Young Thug and Gucci Mane right through to standout newcomers like Ken Carson and Sugarhill Dot. Check out the full playlist now, No skips!

Check out the full playlist above and follow 66 Records here for more!

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