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Weekly updates

Our favourite antler-haired singer The Weeknd returned this week with a new tune and it was definitely worth the wait. Last week, after what seemed like quite a long period of silence from the XO camp, ‘The Hills’ surfaced with some neat accompanying visuals, sparking rumours of a follow up studio effort to 2013’s middling Kiss Land.

He also released two other tracks–well, it seemed like he released two other tracks until he had them both basically wiped from the entire web (turns out they were leaks). Yesterday, the XO man took to Twitter to announce the actual release of one of them, entitled ‘I Can’t Feel my Face’ and this time it’s in high quality studio form.

The song features a strong groove obviously influenced from the late Michael Jackson, effortlessly merging with The Weeknd’s silky slick signature sound. I’m a fan of The Weeknd and personally, I think that track sounds pretty freaking dope. I can’t help but feel like with all this Weeknd coming on weekdays, something big (and hopefully cryptic) might be coming very soon.
Check out the audio for ‘I Can’t Feel my Face’ and the visuals for ‘The Hills’ in the gallery above.

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