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With voice box that sounds like it has been transported from the glorious ’90s R&B era and the storytelling powers to match, Brent Faiyaz comes through as a breath of fresh air.

Luckily for us, the 21-year-old vocalist has been documented by Sydney shooter Darren Luk, offering a glimpse of his thoughtful nature. Here, the self-styled outfits and natural finesse of Faiyaz ring true in the flicks. Much like his music, the pictures just leave you wanting more. One listen to the resonate hook he provided on Goldlink’sCrew‘ is enough to catch anybody’s attention and thankfully, we’ve got our fix with not one but two EPs.

With Atu and Dpat on production and Faiyaz covering the vocals, the three-piece Sonder offers a finished product designed to give you chills. “Sonder” refers to the realisation that those around us are living their own complex lives, that everyone has their own unknown story. Introspective to say the least, Faiyaz embodies the buzz and perspective this feeling inspires and invites us so intimately into his own life through his music.

Give the Into EP a play below and be sure to check out the shots in the gallery above—and we’ll find you over here on Faiyaz’s site after you realise you need more. Don’t worry, his silky smooth EP A.M. Paradox is sure to hit the spot.

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