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Dj Mano hasn’t been doing great lately. After a series of accidents during the Yeezus tour and a subsequent fan cut of the biggest fuck ups, ‘Ye made a hard decision and put Mano to rest out back.

The parodic news crew at Taiwanese Animators did what someone had to do and animated the exchange, taking place between a masked Kanye and totally apathetic DJ Mano.

Honestly, I’ve been waiting for a video of Kanye charging up Super Saiyan style and having his head pop from rage since I first heard Graduation, but the demand just didn’t seem to be there. Shout out to Taiwanese Animators for taking one for the team.

The fan cut is almost as good as the animation (check it out above) with Kanye angrily yelling Mano’s name on stage in front of millions like a frustrated spouse who has just had enough. It’s like a supersized version of going to dinner with your friend whose partner is constantly starting shit with them.

It’s unclear who Kanye’s new DJ is going to be at this point. My fantasy team would be a return to A-Trak with the chance of a Fool’s Gold collab but Kanye doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who looks back too often. Probably because of that inflexible looking mask.

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