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Watch: Killer Mike speaks on his delayed come-up and why he’ll always put out free music

Because making good music is more important to him than making a profit *hallelujah*

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Killer Mike is on some real shit. Known for telling it how it is, the rapper talks to Vlad TV and covers everything from the work he’s doing with Mike Brown’s family to putting out free music—so he might just be your new favourite person ever (if he wasn’t already).

“If the kids really love your stuff they’re gonna find a way to support it, so why trick them into first week sales,” he said.

Listening to him talk means realising that there are still people out there who have more on their mind than the money, and also understands how many of his fans appreciate free stuff. Well, who doesn’t appreciate free stuff? You get the point, he understands that music > money and that’s a win for us.

Also, he did mention that he’s done some “cool stuff” with 2 Chainz, so definitely watch this space. You can check out the video in the gallery above.

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