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The Internatiiional welcomes you to acid house

Two friends, some vinyl records, and a clothing label: a likely story

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Relocation is often a difficult experience: particularly when it’s to a completely new country. Fortunately, South Korean label the Internatiiional has pulled no punches in its Melbourne arrival.

Born and raised out of Seoul, the label is an ode to non-conformance, vinyl records, and Japanese ’80s pop. It’s a grass-roots label run by two graphic designers who have worked together since their former years at university.

Drawing inspiration from a cartoon published in 1988 via The Sun to encourage kids out of the ’80s heavy rave/ acid/ house scene, the Internatiiional runs on anti-establishment fumes. The label is a modern appropriation of classic music and the design and culture that surround it. It’s a label that wants to bring people together with contemporary streetwear: the way music always has.

With an office stacked high with an impressive vinyl collection and a heavy presence in the ever-expanding Seoul house music scene, the Internatiiional is one to watch.

Without further adieu, Welcome To Acid House.

The Internatiiional is the second Korean brand made available in Aus by Spacebound Store. Cop the collection here.

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