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Weekly updates

Shoutouts to 2003 – the era where Carson Kressley was a legitimate celebrity, ‘metrosexual’ was a word that people actually used in day to day conversation, and everywhere you looked the streets were awash with guys wearing salmon-pink shirts. As with most things in life, the metrosexual phase was about balance. When the world worked out that there was a difference between perpetuating masculine stereotypes and maintaining a beauty regime that’d make Patrick Bateman insecure¬†things started to settle down again.

Still, credit to the innovators who broke down the door for one of the world’s biggest skaters to just go ahead and throw a pink swoosh on the comfiest skate shoes on the market right now. Yo, New Zealand may have beat us Australians to the punch on the gay marriage front, but I think we can kick off the lobby to get Tony Abbot rocking a pair of salmon accented Koston 2’s in parliament by 2015 ¬†– and that my friends, would be progress.