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It becomes harder to justify giving humans nice things when you hear news like this. Famously quirky artist Yayoi Kusama currently has a vast amount of work on display in Washington DC’s Hirshhorn Museum, including her iconic pumpkin sculpture. According to Artnet, the museum confirmed there had been an accident inside the mirrored room where Kusama’s bright yellow gourds were on show. Apparently a man lost his footing while in the room, damaging one of the sculptures but fortunately it was minor enough to only require a temporary closure of the exhibit. One can only assume he was doing it for the gram, but who knows just how trippy things can get once inside “All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins”.

ICYMI, Melbourne will be getting its own taste of Kusama’s eccentric works with its massive Triennial announced for next summer. Kusama will be working with the gallery on a new, immersive work that will actually encourage audience participation but hopefully will not result in us destroying any of her pieces. The Triennial will be coming to the National Gallery of Victoria from December 15 – April 18.

Weekly updates