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Architect Daigo Ishii Tokyo-fies cities from around the globe

Giving everyone that Tokyo feel they didn't know they were missing

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When travelling around to various destinations, have you ever wondered what certain cities or streets might look like if they were influenced by the same design cues of the streets of Tokyo? No? Or maybe you just wish you were walking the streets of Tokyo because not all of us are lucky enough to be travelling their right now. Well, Japanese architect Daigo Ishii of Future-scape Architects thinks as highly of his hometown as you probably do, so for this year’s Venice Biennale, he re-imagined certain key locations around the globe, like New York, Paris, Buenos Aires, and La Paz, seamlessly splicing in visual markers associated with Tokyo for his project dubbed the ‘Worldwide Tokyo-lization Project’. The project helps viewers get a sense of the varying styles of each city, while showcasing the distinctiveness of Tokyo itself. It’s definitely a way to imagine the world… or spark yet another session of travel ‘planning’. Check out some of the results above.

  • Words: Bolaji Teniola

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