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Continuing his focus on housing and urban development, Chinese architect and artist Ai Weiwei has teamed up with Swiss architecture firm Herzog and de Meuron to curate ‘Ordos 100’, a collection of housing designs for residents of a region in inner Mongolia.

‘Ordos 100 Models’ enlisted the talents of 100 architects from 27 countries, charged with the task of designing habitable spaces for the rural area, each measuring 1,000 square metres. The exhibition showcases miniature pinewood scale-models of these designs, as well as blueprints and an accompanying documentary, which was directed by Ai Weiwei.

The exhibition is currently running at Galleria Continua in Le Moulin, so if you’re in the region, make sure to check out this incredible show before it closes on September 29.

If you’re not lucky enough to be there, check out some of the exhibition images and documentary above.

Check out Galleria Continua for more info.