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Love social satire? Does the thought of seeing George W. Bush dressed as Dame Edna make you chuckle? Can’t imagine anything funnier than Spock and Hitler immortalised in art as misunderstood emos or Clint Eastwood in a pink and purple ensemble that would make RuPaul proud?

Scott Scheidly is a painter based in Florida who, when he’s not orally consuming his paint materials (according to his bio), creates socially satirical imagery of world leaders, pop cultural icons and infamous figures. The Pink Series is his latest body of work that has Kim Jong Il, Boba Fett, Darth ‘Mauve’, Sioux ‘Sexy, Clint Eastwood, Bonaparte, Stalin, Mr. T, The Pope and loads more, made into a fabulous mockery.

With names like ‘Ayatollah of Love’, ‘The good, the bad & the pretty’ and ‘SS Strawberry Shortcake Guild’, it’s good to see someone not let political correctness get in the way of a cheap joke and artistic flair.

To see more of The Pink Series and to read Scheidly’s hilarious bio, head to his website.


Mica Nantes