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If you are a film buff, you’ll like these cleverly crafted sculptures. In tribute of some of the world’s most iconic directors, Mike Leavitt has merged them with some of their most popular film characters.

Don’t mistake these pieces for novelty items, the 18-inch figurines involve a lot of work. The process involves carving wood, molding it into shape with clay, and finally painting over it to create these accurate portrayals. Leavitt, who resides in Seattle, playfully captures the visionaries’ masterpieces in an equally artistic way. Studio Ghibli’s Miyazaki is adorned with the mask of No-Face, from Spirited Away, as Totoro sits on his back. George Lucas’ body has been transformed into Jabba the Hutt as he wields a Lightsaber. Tarantino is wearing Uma Thurman’s iconic Kill Bill yellow jumpsuit, while Tim Burton has his own pair of Edward’s Scissorhands.

The thoughtful sculptures are both quirky and life-like, the faces of these directors literally transform into their own fictional creations. The pop artist states on his website that “art and film treat my pain. They’re magic. They trick me into remembering why this world is so damn beautiful”. Take a look at the uncanny sculptures above.

  • Words: Eleanor Beardsell

Weekly updates