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John Lupo Avanti is a New Yorker currently living and working in Brisbane. His presence reaches including multiple mediums from tattoos, traditional painting, digital artwork and even comic books.
His work sits somewhere between traditional tattoos and surrealist murals incorporating abstract forms flying through space to mechanical Steampunk owls. The versatile John Avanti’s latest series of personal paintings are inspired by recent experiences in Queensland, Australia and give a unique look at the Land Down Under from an outsider’s perspective.

Avanti’s ability to maintain a high quality of work when working with multiple mediums is pretty impressive and the mark of an artist who knows how to make a living from their skills. Originally trained as a 2D animator, much of his work contains dark undertones that almost seem more fitting as brutalist punk album art or even horror in the aesthetic vein of Junji Ito or Geof Darrow.

Avanti currently works at Crush City Tattoo, in Sunny Bank Hills.
For more of his work check out his Instagram.

Words by Rhys Pope 

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