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London has seen an influx of over 300 posters across train carriages and bus stops to mark the opening of the Defence Security and Equipment International (DSEI) Arms Fair. The posters, created by Banksy’s Dismaland artists, feature facts and inconvenient truths about the annual event.

The DSEI Arms Fair is an annual event held in the UK where exhibitors sell deadly weapons, from tanks to guns. The event features arms manufacturers from across the world and is supported by the UK government.

This year’s the event has seen widespread protests against it, there were protests leading up to the event, which opened on September 15 and they have continued through it.

Among the official guests at the fair were representatives from 61 countries, including authoritarian regimes of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and Azerbaijan.

The posters were created by artists who helped create Banksy’s Dismaland, which includes a Museum of Cruel Designs, which contains art about the arms trade, curator Gavin Grindon said the protests about the DSEI fair were simply “a natural progression”.

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