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Weekly updates

Check out this website where artist create comic covers for Great Comics That Never Happened. Artist Kerry Callen and Chris Sims created this cover teaming up Batman and Jay-Z. I would love to see one with X-men vs New Kids On the Block.

Here’s the completely logical plot to the comic:

“For years, the Riddler has been one of Batman’s deadliest foes, but when ace rapper Jay-Z comes to Gotham City to perform at one of Bruce Wayne’s charity events, he sets his sights on a new target! Now, the Prince of Puzzles plots to put Jay-Z’s legendary ability to survive 99 simultaneous problems to the test with a sinister deathtrap designed to destroy the Dark Knight himself!

Will Batman be able to save his friend from nearly a hundred deadly snares set to go off at once, or will this be the Riddler’s greatest triumph? Will Jay-Z prove himself to be a hustler, homie, or a customer, crony? Brush the dirt off your shoulder and strap yourself in for the greatest team-up of all as the World’s Greatest Detective and the Best Rapper Alive face… “The 99 Problems!”