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Bet you’ve never seen these popular landmarks like this before

The other side of the places we all know (and love to Instagram)

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Photographer Oliver Curtis has inverted the way we view our favourite holiday landmarks by capturing the side of them many of us ignore in our rush to capture that perfect tourist shot. Curtis began work on his project Volte-face back in 2012 whilst visiting the Pyramids of Giza, realising he had only ever seen images of the pyramids and never of what surrounded it.

The results of Curtis’s project vary, with some photos showing places of beauty, whilst others show more derelict and mundane surroundings. The viewer is privy to which renowned landmark the image was captured at, yet none of Curtis’ images contain even the faintest glimmer of the landmark itself, showing how much it is possible to miss when you forget to simply stop and look around.

Volte-face will be on exhibition in at the Royal Geographical Society in London from September 19 to October 16, but if your bank account is ruining your chances of a trip to England, check out Oliver Curtis’ website for the photos.


  • Words: Ella McNicol

Weekly updates