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Weekly updates

I used to hate coffee. Then one day for circumstances I don’t recall, tolerated it. Soon I began to enjoy it, which blossomed into a holy majoly what would I do without you type situation. This was not real coffee mind you. This was the kind of coffee where you swish two to five sugars in whilst no one’s watching. Milk upgrade, artist’s impression in the foam, dash of potpourri – anything to distract my childlike tastebuds from the potentially harsh realities of coffee lurking beneath.

Enter caffeine rudeboy number one, Mark Free. He presented a simple, yet confident hypothesis: that perhaps my coffee might taste better without all those bells and whistles involved. Mark was right. Black coffee is it.

After blockbuster events popping up across numerous venues, he’s bringing BLACK COFFEE back to Parts & Crafts/SPARES this Saturday. I implore you to come along and test it out for yourself. In addition to the MFBC show there’ll be Pies, Ping Pong, Publications and Clothing, care of our new roomies SPARES.

Saturday 26th May – Open 11am to 5pm
Parts & Crafts Auto Zine/SPARES
13-23 Faraday Street Carlton