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Here is a list of resources and ways you can help the ongoing situation from Australia.

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As Australians, we are guests in hip-hop culture. It is our duty and obligation not to remain silent. Not at this moment, not ever. We pledge to use our voices to speak against injustice, oppression and racism abroad and at home. We stand in solidarity with those in pain and stand against power structures that uphold white supremacy everywhere.

Below is a list of resources and organisations for those who wish to contribute to the ongoing situation in the USA and the injustices faced at home against Indigenous lives.

Organisations in the USA have set up ‘Bail Funds’ you can donate to, which pay the bail to release people arrested during the protests. A huge part of the systemic racism built into the law enforcement system is setting bail which many people cannot afford ­– another example of the privilege that allows some people pay their way out of the criminal system, while others are denied the same opportunity due only to their socioeconomic status.

It is also worth donating to organisations that provide services to Black people in America fighting their way through a corrupt and stacked judicial system.

Some options:

There is also a GoFundMe for George Floyd’s family.

Advocate for Indigenous Australians:

Remember that this happens in Australia too.

More than 400 Indigenous people have died while in police custody, since the 1991 Royal Commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody. There have been no convictions, despite clear similarities to the situation in the US where:

  1. Indigenous Australians have been arrested for minor, non-violent offences, and have died while under police custody
  2. Indigenous Australians are over-represented in both men’s and women’s prison populations, and juvenile detention, despite being a smaller % of the general population.


Justice for David Dungay Junior

Justice for Yuendumu: Inquiry on Police Shooting

In Memory of Tanya Day

In Memory of Joyce Clarke

Deadly Connections Community and Justice Services 

Sisters Inside

National Justice Project 

Bridge The Gap Foundation 

Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation

Human Rights Law Centre

The Healing Foundation

 Change The Record

State-based Aboriginal Legal Services:

North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency

Aboriginal Legal Service Western Australia

Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement South Australia

Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service

Aboriginal Legal Service New South Wales and ACT

Attend the peaceful protests happening around the country this weekend:


Stop All Black Deaths In Custody: Vigil for George Floyd, Saturday, June 6, 3-5pm: 20 Lee St, Chippendale


Stop Black Deaths In Custody – Justice For George Floyd #BLM hosted by Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, Saturday, June 6, 2-5pm: Parliament House, Melbourne


Black Lives Matter Peaceful Protest – Friday, June 5, 10.30am: Garema Place


Black Lives Matter Protest organised by the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, Saturday, June 6, 12pm: Queen Street Mall

Black Lives Matter – Stop Deaths In Custody Meanjin, Saturday, June 6, 1-5pm: King George Square

Say Their Name – Black Lives Matter Vigil, Saturday, June 6, 4.30-7pm: King George Square


Perth Peaceful BLM Protest, Saturday, June 13, 12pm: Hyde Park, Vincent St and William St


Adelaide: Solidarity With Minneapolis! Justice For George Floyd, Saturday, June 6, 12-1:30pm: Northern end of Tarndanyangga, Victoria Square