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Weekly updates

We can all relate to that divine flash of artistic integrity and originality, when you’re flawlessly capturing the moment on your phone; your quivering, sweaty palm drifts gracefully in a 180 degree arc, staying within a millimeter of that solid white line. You don’t even need the line, you’ve got this shit so down pact. A moment of perfection.
That is of course, until some arrogant twat – that clearly missed the memo about having to stand completely still for the next eight seconds – drifts across the frame without a care in the world. You know who you are you selfish cunts; you just fucked what would have been a 20+ like Instagram.

A blog has just emerged from the saturated abyss that is, Tumblr, showcasing the very worst (or best?) of epic panorama fails. From mutated felines to vertical oceans, the page is a toast to what is unquestionably one 2014’s most pressing social issues.