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Weekly updates

As Kanye has been tirelessly campaigning since 2010, Tweets aren’t just banal 140-character ramblings, they’re pieces of art, and now you can finally start your very own collection.

Permanent 140 is an online service that lets you convert your favourite Tweets from your timeline into commemorative plaques that will last a lifetime. Pick any Tweet you like and they’ll laser-etch it onto a custom piece of wood of metal, thereby turning it into an IRL work of art.

If you use your imagination, these #PhysicalTweets could easily become the best gift idea of all time. Check out some of the finished products above, but the possibilities are truly endless. For example,

An inspirational quote for your friend:

One for your boss:

For breaking up with the bae:

Or, alternatively, you could even gift one to yourself:


Create your own #PermanentTweet over at Permanent 140’s website. Prices range from US$20-25.