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Weekly updates

A solid crowd braved Melbourne’s cold temperatures and headed to the southside’s RTIST Gallery for last night’s opening of Faith47 and DALeast‘s, Antenna Garden. The event, an official sideshow of the Carbon 2012 festival, was the duo’s first exhibition in Australia, and their first show together. Featuring works composed of found objects from their travels through our shores, Antenna Garden showcases each artist’s own unique disciplines, techniques and mediums whilst interweaving their styles to create a show that reflects the artists as a couple.

It was great to see some Australian inspired works from DAL. Boxing kangaroos leaped from the works and weaved through the paintings and onto the walls. Faith47 similarly transformed the gallery space with an installation which was reminiscent of an abandoned old house, with wind swept leaves and old paintings and drawings grouped together with found ornaments and an old fire place. It was great to see, up close and personal, their works for the first time, the sense of someone once in a space who left it abandoned but with signs of their presence still there was really apparent. Melancholy and moving stuff. There was also a giant dog there who seemed to enjoy lying in the leaves.

Having completed a 7-storey mural, the tallest in Australia at Prahran’s Cullen Hotel, the couple will participate in Carbon’s Commerce of Creativity forum this Saturday. Tickets are still available.

Images Courtesy Olivia Blackburn Photography