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Following up on his Australian debut at the Carbon Forums this year, Chaz Bojorquez is showing a limited collection of hand painted skateboards at Melbourne City’s Saint Side.

Bojorquez has been practising typographic graffiti since the late 60’s, fusing the gang scripts of  Mexican-American’s living in LA with the timeless art of Eastern calligraphy. A true pioneer, his influence on popuar culture can not be understated. Bojorquez’s letter forms and their legacies can be found everywhere from skate culture, graffiti,  to contemporary design.

The show opens at 6:30pm on Friday the 13th of July at Saint Side, Level 2 – 15 McKillop St, Melbourne.

West Coast beats will be playing all night, with drinks provided by Brooklyn Brewery.

For any pre-show enquiries contact [email protected]