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Weekly updates

For those of you who want to dust up your skills in action photography, we’ve got some good news.  Blue Tree Studios in Melbourne has enlisted the skills of world-renowned Australian BMX and skateboard photographer, founder of Rebelyell BMX magazine and ACCLAIM homie Chris Polack to teach a masterclass on the art that will be held in April. Chris shot our fashion shoot for the Oz issue and has an unrivalled knowledge of the action genre so if it’s of any interest to  you, book in while you still can. Full details below:

Blue Tree Studios is proud to present the first in its series of 3 inspirational Master Class photography education days during 2012.  Featuring exciting Australian photographer Chris Polack, the Master Class will tap into Chris’s extensive photographic experience and leave you with a great set of skills that can be applied to any location shooting.

The Master Classes will be open to limited groups of photographers and will feature both hands-on shooting elements and follow up education.  The Master Classes will appeal to high-end professional photographers as well as aspiring crossover photographers and hobbyists with high-end equipment.  Blue Tree Studios will be providing Chris with both Canon and Phase One equipment as well as Broncolor lighting for a fully professional shoot.

Essential Details
Saturday April 21st 2012
(Possibility to extend to additional classes on Sunday and Monday )
 Full Day Workshop 10am – 4pm<
$495 p/p

For more information contact
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 03 9024 9958

Course Outline

Using studio lighting on location
Medium Format and 35mm options
Balancing flash and ambient with high speed action
Getting the best out of talent
Locations – how to find them, use them
From storyboard to shoot – exploring concepts and executing
Working with large clients with high expectations
Combining personal passions with work

About Chris Polack

Chris Polack is now one of the world’s most celebrated BMX photographers. The founder of seminal BMX magazine Rebelyell, Polack has been named one of the world’s top ten BMX photographers.

Polack’s hunger for life has taken him right around the world, and his grimy, stylized BMX photography has gained him commissions from clients like Nike, Red Bull, Carhartt and Vans. While this has brought its own perks, with all expenses paid 5-star hotel stays and chauffeurs, Polack fully embraces the flip side of that coin.  Though the law doesn’t always agree with Polack’s ideas about how to get the best shot, he’s not willing to compromise

His experience in BMX photography has honed fast reflexes and an intimate feel for action. Whether he’s shooting stocky guys on tiny bikes, fashion models, or any of the colourful characters around his studio, Polack brings a fresh eye to the world, capturing movement and pinning a small piece of life to the page.