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Kanye West may be turning heads with his current Saint Pablo tour in America, but before that all kicked off, Ye was causing a stir in the art world, with a surprise showing of the naked wax figures from his now infamous ‘Famous’ music video. The piece, which features 12 eerily accurate wax figures of some very famous and controversial personalities, was exhibited at a gallery in LA, just ahead of the VMAs and West’s epic tour, drawing much the same reaction as the initial video did.

Famous Exhibit at Blum & Poe Art Gallery

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And if you haven’t gotten enough of an eyeful of the sculpture yet, some lucky (and loaded) art collector could own the piece for a very nice price tag. According to Blum & Poe co-founder, Tim Blum, a “good ballpark” figure for purchasing the piece would be around $4 million, which isn’t too bad of a mark-up when it’s been estimated that it took up to $1 million to actually make the thing. This, of course, would include all the figures, the staging, bedsheets, and battery supply required to make each celeb appear to be breathing while the sleep peacefully beside one another. A small price to pay for 12 naked celebs in your bed?

Other insights from Blum’s chat with The New York Times include the fact that there seemed to be no other reason behind the showing besides that Kanye felt like doing it, with the gallery managing to pull everything together in five days from initial contact by Ye’s reps. Welp, what Ye wants, Ye always gets… eventually.

Revisit the ‘Famous’ video above and read Blum’s full feature here.

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