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After his sold out show at Blank_Space Gallery earlier this year, contemporary artist BENNETT joins forces with fellow Higher Ground Studio inhabitant Tom Ferson to create an exicting and engaging new body of work, fittingly named DOUBLE TAKE.

Within this new collection the artists explore both the similarities and differences between their works and practices. They have developed two stylistically disparate bodies of work, but through a penchant for abstraction and nostalgic imagery have created an evidently tactile series encouraging a ‘double take’ – the alteration of the surface mirroring the alternative concept that lays behind.

‘We’ve both pushed our styles and practices even further in this collection and i am really excited to show these new paintings and see how people react to them! Its something not to miss’

Double Take
Opening 6pm Thursday 19th April
Kind Of — Periodical
118 Oxford St, Darlinghurst