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Some films leave an indelible mark on the psyche of a generation. These works have pivotal scenes that define and mould us as a social collective. Think of the brutality of the curb-stomp in American History X, the Shakespearean tragedy of Mufasa’s death in The Lion King, or the menacing fluidity of the T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

The work of the New York based visual artist Nathaniel Matthews reflects an understanding of these moments. His creative output explores pop culture iconography and fanaticism, and his latest project takes on both concepts where they collide. Bad To The Bone is an 84 page colour publication cataloguing every onscreen weapon used in Terminator 2. The fictional arsenal that cemented Arnie as the reigning king of action way back in ’91 is both impressive and disturbing at the same time when presented in print. Screen grabs presented out of context strip the film of its narrative and instead present the viewer with a tableau of extreme violence.

The title is published in collaboration with Melbourne’s own Knowledge Editions, and limited to just 40 copies. If you’re keen to get your hands on one, the official launch is happening at Perimeter Books on Saturday July 11, 3 – 5pm.  Otherwise head to the Knowledge Editions to purchase.