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Weekly updates

So I’ve been lax on the posts of late. So sue me, I’m in Hawaii goddammit. Over the last couple of days I feel like I’ve gotten more of a chance to feel what Hawaii is all about, not just experience the Pow Wow event itself. Hawaii feels like a different country to the rest of the USA. There’s a slower pace, the people are friendlier, everyone seems to be up for partying no matter the night and people are more welcoming than any other state in the US I’ve ever visited (would you let 40 permanently drunk artists live in your house for a week?). Add to the scale and caliber of the Pow Wow event itself and it’s MAGICAL I tell you.

The day before the big launch was spent drinking brews whilst watching the poor artist dudes still at it on their walls and later inside Loft in Space til into the night. This is the time that the media cohort did what they do what they do best. Drink and talk shit. It’s been a blessing to have the company of these guys from different publications and websites across the world. Even the most mundane conversation inevitably results in some insane story about experiences with rappers (Noah, Complex), or how brands are operating and doing their marketing in other regions (me, life of the party huh).

Also had a chance to hang again with my friends Aaron and Leslie De La Cruz. We took a big tour of the finished artworks from the event. Whilst I’m no doubt biased, Rone’s finished work was truly breathtaking and the epic spot where Meggs, Peap, Angry Woebots, Will Barress and Mr Jago got in on is just nuts.

The official big mural next to the party space with 123Klan, Flying Fortress and Slick is also great. I’ve really enjoyed how the artists have used a bunch of the iconography from Hawaii in their works (volcanos, tiki gods…. pineapples symbolically fucking the Hawaiian nation, nice one Slick).

The launch party saw everyone, locals, artists, media, general punters, all party at Fresh Café. I drank a lot of Bombay Sapphire that night and don’t remember much but it was a good party and a chance for all of the artists to finally chill, and by chill I mean get retarded drunk. Actually no, a bunch of the crew got down and there was an all in live paint taking place whilst the party was going which was great. And a huge commitment after all the work they’ve done over the last couple of days. I didn’t last out til 1.30am. Officially can’t keep up with these dudes.