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Exhibition: Melbourne – Andre Kodjo ‘LINEA’, July 23

A showcase of patience and perseverance

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Andre Kodjo AKA KodjoWild is on the come-up, having just started out in the art game in 2015, he’s already got an exhibition of his work titled LINEA cooked up for your viewing pleasure this Saturday. LINEA (Italian for line) is an exhibition which pays homage to the artist’s Italian background and years spent living in Italy. Beginning with high-quality hand-drawn fridge magnets in London, Kodjo made the move to Australia in 2015 and fuelled by a desire to expand his creative process, he started experimenting with portraiture constructed with small lines, prompting a shift from quickly drawn caricature portraits.

With the use of repetitive, minimalistic lines, dubbed the hatching technique, his portraits increased in size and grew in detail. KodjoWild draws inspiration from black-and-white line work, architecture, and Lego construction, mixed with an intrigue for multiple small lines or little pieces, combining to become something beautiful.

And if all that wasn’t enough, there will be mad beats provided by SAL through the night and free beers to go along with it. It’s clear that KodjoWild is a talent to keep an eye on.

KodjoWild presents Andre Kodjo ‘LINEA’
Saturday, July 23, 8pm
Saint Side
Level 2, 11-15 McKillop St


  • Words: Bolaji Teniola

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