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4chan is one of those cruel paradoxes of the 21st century.

On an average day, the virtually unmoderated imageboards manage to generate some of the most destructive and nihilistic content on the internet. Yet it’s under the conditions of this anarchic echo-chamber that some cruel universal truths emerge from its grimy membrane of anonymous abuse and controversy-baiting visuals.

In a masterstroke of “I could have done that but I didn’t,” fuddy-duddy critiquing of contemporary art, an anonymous text contribution has been elevated to a meta-commentary on the state of creative production thanks to a high price tag and even higher closing bid.

“Art used to be something to cherish / Now literally anything could be art / This post is art” insists the dadaist anonymous, their opinion now validated by a cheap black frame and an empiricist artistic evaluation to the tune of $90,900USD.

In an effort to quash a burgeoning artistic movement, eBay has attempted to terminate auctions by subsequent newcomers to this subversive school of thought. Fans of the aesthetic might still be able to snatch up an original for a reasonable price if they’re fast enough.

The ultimate joke in all this is that it’s likely the high purchasing price isn’t just an orchestrated punchline by anonymous but a very real buyer with a very real, very high eBay feedback score.

Hopefully this will lead to an inverted cultural revolution where people will take to the streets, fists clutching printed lists of web data and grammatically undernourished forum posts, intent on deconstructing the capitalist element of art. What’s more likely is that eBay spends a week shooting down copycat auctions and we all go back to what we were doing before we were reminded of 4chan’s constant presence.

Finn Houlihan


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