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The sexy accents, escargot, and rich history are just some of the reasons why we already love Paris. Now, we have another incentive to love the French capital: it’s aesthetically-pleasing storefronts.

German photographer Sebastian Erras, a self-confessed lover of exploring new cultures, invites us on a new journey through the Parisian alleyways and retail spaces. Each photo, bursting with colour, captures the vibrancy and multifaceted nature of thriving Parisian business. From patisseries to niche bookstores, and bars to salons, Erras uncovers the varying forms of passion and expression that exist with the culturally-rich city. On a side note, nothing sounds cooler than the Paris Jazz corner. We’re having some serious European FOMO right now.

Check out the stunning visual imagery in the gallery above. Take a look at Erras’ other projects on his Instagram and website. BRB, checking out the airfares for a one-way ticket to Paris. Stay tuned for futher Erras info.

Weekly updates