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37-year-old Spanish physicist turned ice cream professor Manuel Linares has invented an ice cream that changes colour when you lick it.

With the assistance of his colleagues, Linares created the treat that changes from blue to pink to purple when you eat it. With the formula a patent-pending secret, Linares claims it is made entirely using natural, dairy-free ingredients. He calls it Xamaleón.

Inventing the ice cream as his master’s thesis, Linares sprays what he calls ‘Love Elixir’ on the ice cream before it is scooped. This boosts chemical reactions that occur from changes in temperature to intensify the colour-changing properties of the ice cream.

The ice cream he created, which he says tastes like tutti-frutti, includes banana, strawberries, pistachio, cocoa, almonds, caramel and vanilla. This new multi flavoured, multi coloured marvel is being sold at IceXperience, an ice cream shop Linares has opened in Blanes, Spain.

As if this isn’t impressive enough, Linares is now working on more unconventional approaches to ice cream, including a new formula that reacts to ultraviolet lights, and another that changes colour with no interaction from the consumer.

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