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Weekly updates

On this segment of ‘fun things we found on the internet’* comes these animated album covers by Tumblr artist Juan Betancourt. Starting off with album covers of bands he likes or finds interesting like Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Eminem and Beastie Boys. Now you can head to his tumblr page and request your own favourite album cover to be GIFfed.

Check out the collection below or head to the jbetcom tumblr page for more.

aerosmith-nine-lives Alice-cooper-raise-your-fist beastie-boys-hello-nasty blur-modern-life-is-rubbish coldplay-parachutes daft-punk-random-access-memories descendants-everything-sucks eminem-the-eminem-show jimmy-eat-world-futures Led-zeppelin-celebration-day metallica-ride-the-lighting pink-floyd-dark-side-of-the-moon rancid-lets-go Smashing-pumpkins-mellon-collie

*Not an official ACCLAIM title

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