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French artist Marion Fayolle’s newest offering shows an erotic re-contextualisation of body parts, providing an amusing juxtaposition between the surreally perverse and the seductively humourous.

On paper, Fayolle’s provocative work may sound grotesque, as body parts are removed and re-appropriated to convey an absurdist yet poignant narrative. But the French artist’s playful aesthetic and almost childish portrayal undermine any sense of depravity in this whimsical body of works.

Serious art-talk aside though, these cheeky drawings are a lot of fun. Save for Fayolle’s creativity and subtlety, they kind of reminded me of that montage that did the rounds a few years back, where some genius crudely re-appropriated porn to create innocent situations.

These illustrations belong to In Pieces, a book showcasing Fayolle’s wider comic illustrations.


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