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Weekly updates

In April, we told you about a series of paintings that INSA released in order to raise money to get to the States. Well, those paintings sold out in a record two minutes, and INSA was able to work with LA Freewalls and Jetset Graffiti to create a rad as hell mural over all 9300 sq feet of the Artshare centre. To celebrate this, INSA has joined up with LALA ARTS to produce this super limited set of ‘LA RAINBOW HEEL’ prints. This edition is extremely fine, featuring a 7 colour split fountain gradient, NovaColor gloss Spot Varnish, East LA’s finest metal flake from ‘Big Mike’, and all produced with lots of love in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Each print comes signed, stamped, and with a certificate of authentication, so you can prove it to your mates.

Black Magic – Edition of 20 – $250

Ruby Red – Edition of 20 – $300

Silver Galaxy – Edition of 5 – $500

They’ll be released at 9am PDT (LA time) Thursday 9th August, which is around 3am Melbourne time on Friday, and are available via LALA ARTS. Stay up to date with the artist and check out INSA’s blog and online shop too.